Work Experience

Although I originally studied as a biologist and have some wildlife conservation experience, my primary career for the last decade has been as a communications professional. I've supported a number of organizations to meet their content strategy needs. I'm highly organized and enthusaistic (borederline hyper). I adore meeting new people, public speaking, leading, teaching, and most importantly of all, writing.


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As a communications professor, it is my honour to instruct business students on the fundamentals of professonal communication strategies. Teaching is an immensely rewarding job and I feel very fortunate to instruct young minds on a subject I care deeply about.


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Technical Writer

As a technical writer with Shopify, I create, edit, and manage a wide variety of complex documentation. I have supported developers, security analysts, and instructional designers when supporting various projects.


Technical Writer

I began my technical writing career with Ross Video, and it was a wonderful experience to learn about building static microsites with the internal teams. I was also fortunate enough to collaborate on several external documentation projects, such as camera robotics and livestream software products.